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Au sujet de nous – Who We Are?

On sélectionne soigneusement tous les Leaders avec l’aide des membres de notre équipe existante.

Nous croyons en l’amélioration continue et à la formation polyvalente pour assurer une équipe homogène qui s’efforce de faire mieux.

We carefully selects all teachers with the help of the members of our existing team. We believe in continuous improvement and cross skill training to ensure a homogenous team that strive to do better.

Nous savons comment rendre l’apprentissage amusant pour les enfants


We Know How to Make Learning Fun For Kids

Seulement le meilleur

Sois positif | Faire preuve d’intégrité | Restez ouvert d’esprit |
Encourager l’épanouissement | Accueillir l’innovation |
Profiter de la créativité | Être axé sur l’environnement |
Toujours s’occuper du client.


Only the BEst- OUR VALUES
Be Positive | Demonstrate Integrity | Stay Open minded |
Encourage Nurturing | Embrace Innovation |
Enjoy Creativity | Environment focused |
Always Customer focused |


Our online Teachers


KidooLand met désormais en ligne son incroyable équipe. “On ammene le Kidoo chez vous ”   …..  

KidooLand now brings their amazing teaching staff online. “Bringing the Kidoo into your home”



Branch Manager and English Online

I am a qualified dance teacher from the UK. After graduation I spent many years performing around the world and teaching dance to young children. Once I moved to France I also gained my qualification in TEFL and TEYL. I love teaching children in a positive and creative way, where they can expressive themselves and gain confidence whilst learning lifelong skills.

Sian also holds a certificate for Online Safety in Childcare structures.



Kindergarten Manager EYFS

I have been running the Rainbow’s and Explorer playgroup since September 2011. I ‘m a qualified nursery nurse with over 20 years of experience working with the early years. I enjoy working, caring & encouraging children to reach their full potential, just as I did when I was newly qualified.

Nicola holds a certificate for Online Training Safety Awareness for  school environments.



Online English Teacher

Gemma holds a degree in Drama and Education Studies she went on to work in broadcasting as a presenter, reporter and journalist. She has been teaching English, drama and communications.

Gemma is a firm believer that drama gives children a safe place to explore language, experiences and emotions whilst having fun, and its true what they say; we learn so much when we don’t even realise we are learning. 



English online teacher

 I moved to France 2019 having spent the last years teaching in England. My methodology is far from traditional classroom learning, it’s creative, fun and highly interactive.
I am passionate about teaching languages and love seeing the children having fun in another language. 



English Teacher & EYFS Lead

Kirsty moved to France in the summer of 2018 and loves living here. ” I have a child care qualification and over 10 years experience working with children. I was previously working in England helping to run a nursery, which entailed completing numerous trainings. I use my qualification, training and experience to help children learn from an engaging environment. It’s always a joy to witness children progressing.”
Kirsty is also a gaming and tech fan which has really helped us put our online programme together.



Online English Teacher

Anna is a local chef and cake designer. Her background is in Graphic Art and design and is one of our most creative team members. She loves getting crafty and inspiring the kids to get creative.

She has been working in our physical KidooLand centers since 2016 and recently joined our online team.


A Word

From Our Principal

” Embracing innovation is a core value for us at KidooLand. During a team meeting in 2019 we chatted about how we needed to challenge ourselves and keep bringing new ideas into our classroom to keep demonstrating that value.

Little did we know that in Spring 2020 we would be forced to accelerate and truly embrace innovation into our programme in 72 hours.

In the space of 3 days we learnt how to work video equipment, record and edit, host online and by the Monday we were open for online business for 200 clients.

In fact with our free online Facebook Lives we were quickly becoming a daily resource for thousands of  parents providing them with a daily start to their day and ideas to take them through until evening.

This creative, resourceful team pulled together at the most testing and stressful time to provide structure, routine and fun activities for our English learners.

I am so proud of how my team rose to the challenge so magnificently, embraced the technical issues and delivered their best game. The fact that they began to passionately thrive in the online world did not surprise me, they are exceptional people working in exceptional conditions.
I salute each and every one of them .. both those in the classroom and the backend team for everything this did and continue to do to change the face of distance learning “

– Antonia Beauvoisin-Brown





Contact us

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